Heather Mahan

Heather Mahan is a Licensed Esthetician specializing in Holistic Skin Care and certified in Oncology Skin Therapeutics.  With a passion for Wellness, she has built a practice focused on the individual as a whole.  Heather is committed to helping others find their inner beauty and taking control of their overall health.  Through a Mindful approach to skin care, she helps her clients to better understand and love the skin they are in.  Heather believes in nourishing the skin, both inside and out.  She is dedicated to providing personalized, professional treatments utilizing the safest and most effective products and modalities.   She has a heart filled love for guiding others to experience the benefits of taking care of oneself through different holistic approaches and therapies.

Heather attended The Academy of Skin and Nails in Charlotte, North Carolina and continued her post graduate training at the International Dermal Institute in Atlanta, Georgia.  Her desire for an education that reflected her commitment to wellness, lead her to study in Oncology Skin Therapeutics.  This opened the door to her journey as a Holistic Practitioner.

Mallorie Craps

We are pleased to announce the addition of Mallorie Craps to Earthmuffin Spa as a registered esthetician.

We are excited to work with someone as dynamic in their chosen field as this young lady. She graduated from Southeastern Esthetics Institute in Columbia SC. Booking online is available.


Kayla is our nail tech at Earthmuffin Spa. She brings worlds of experience to her position, and she is a major addition to the spa arena.   She is adept in many nail resources.

Ellen Reichle

Ellen Reichle LMT, has been practicing massage therapy in South Carolina since becoming licensed in 2002. She is a 1989 graduate of Potomac Massage Training Institute in Washington DC.

Ellen’s technique blends a superior sense of touch, many years of experience, an understanding of patterns and compensations within the body and the knowledge of human anatomy to create a truly relaxing rejuvenating massage with many beneficial results.

Ellen specializes in head, neck and shoulders where tension and discomfort lie either through stress or injury. She also has experience with the lower body such as hips and legs having in the past been an avid skier, ice hockey player and Triathlete. She feels the key to a great massage is finding clues within the muscle tissue to bring about healing and release without it having to be painful.

Ellen’s 30 years of being a massage therapist has proven its benefits to bring a source of support and inspiration for better health. She feels by receiving massages on a regular basis, you will be kept informed of the status of your well-being and is a wonderful gift to give your body, mind and soul.