Combines the power of touch with pressure and movement to facilitate change in the body.
This massage will relax muscles,   
release toxins, soften connective tissue and promote circulation.       

Swedish Massage

The most relaxing of massages, using long connecting strokes meant to sedate the central nervous system pressure may be adjusted to accommodate individual taste; light & relaxing or strong & detailed

Hour & Half        $125.00

Hour                     $90.00

Half Hour             $50.00

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a very intense therapeutic form of bodywork reserved for those who have specific pain management needs.  The body has many layers of muscles for the deepest muscles to be affected, deep tissue work is essential to create friction and movement from one layer to the next.  Each body must be treated differently due to the body's need and pressure tolerance.

Hour & Half        $140.00

Hour                   $105.00

Half Hour            $65.00


Reflexology is an ancient therapy intended to normalize the body's function.  It breaks down tension and alleviates stress.  The Chinese believe the feet and hands are directly correlated to the body and its organs.  It can improve circulation, speed up waste elimination and release endorphins.  Reflexology is a great treatment for those inhibited by full body massage.

40 Minutes         $60.00

Hot Stone Massage

This luxurious treatment is the most pleasant way to receive deeper work.  Heat from the smooth river stones penetrates muscle fiber bringing blood flow to the area thus allowing the body to relax and muscles to loosen.

Hour & Half         $145.00

Hour                     $110.00