Heather Mahan

These treatments strongly focus on the largest organ in your body, the skin.  We believe in treating the skin with the most nourishing therapies and products available. The RESULT…loving the skin you are in!!!!

Holistic Facial
* For dehydrated / undernourished skin
* Herb Rich Tea, cleanser and serums rehydrated and balance skin
* Gentle exfoliation refines skin texture & promotes skin smoothness
* Hyperactive nourishing treatment replenishes & vitalizes skin
60 minutes $80.00

Purifying Facial with stimulating detox mask
* For oily/acne-prone/congested skin
* Deep cleansing purifies skin by removing excess surface build-up
* Powerful detox treatment improves blood circulation & relieves congested skins
* Therapeutic pressure point massage rebalances & calms skin
* Effective healing treatment repairs skin, tightens pores & prevents breakout
60 minutes $80.00

Comforting Anti-redness Facial
* For sensitive/ stressed skin
* Gentle, non-irritating cleansing promotes skin smoothness & comfort
* Deeply comforting treatment calms irritated or sensitive areas of the skin
* Effective restoration treatment reinforces the skin's natural defensive system
60 minutes $80.00

Skin Rescue Anti-aging Facial
* For mature/fatigued skin
* Refreshing cleanser gently cleanses & revitalizes skin
* Active stimulant boosts cellular metabolism to increase collagen production
* Rejuvenating massage boosts skin firmness & tonicity
60 minutes $80.00

Advanced Skin Treatment



Diamond Dermabrasion Facial
An non-surgical advanced treatment to remove dead skin, soften fine lines and reduce post acne scaring & hyper pigmentation without downtime. It also increases the penetration of antioxidant-rich organic products to further clarify the skin and minimize the appearance of enlarged pores for clear and refined complexion.
60 minutes $125.00


Micro current Face Lift Treatment
A non-invasive facial treatment using premium organic products and cutting edge technology of micro-current to stimulate lift and tone the facial muscles. It is one of the most effective and safest treatments to sculpt your face, accentuate cheek bones, smooth out wrinkles and define jaw line IN MINUTES.
60 minutes $125.00


The Spa Dermabrasion (Hydro-Facial)
This is a non-invasive resurfacing procedure that provides cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and hydration, including pure hyalauronic acid to deliver instant results with no discomfort or downtime.
75 minutes $150.00


Facial Add-On



Bright Eyes Treatment
* Decongests puffiness & replenishes nutrients to the delicate skin around the eyes
* Increases the elasticity & smoothness of the eye contour area
10 minutes $25.00
Micro current Eye Lift $30.00


Extraction, High frequency, Pore tightening
After detox treatment, extraction will be performed to remove blackheads and milia. Follow up with the safe and gentle high frequency treatment with the oscillating, oxygenating power of high frequency electrical current to enhance blood circulation, increase collagen and elastin production, and eliminate toxins and acne-causing bacteria. Skin is left looking and feeling fresh.
10-20 minutes $30.00


Body Treatments

Aromatherapy Body Wrap and Detox Steam
75 min
*Begins with full body brushing to exfoliate and stimulate devitalized skin
*Followed by and Aromatherapy Steam Shower and skin nourishing wrap
* Includes Facial Pressure Point and Upper Body Release Massage to relax and detoxify the entire body

Hydrating Body Stamp and Cocoon
90 min
*Begins with full body brushing to exfoliate and stimulate devitalized skin
*Followed by Herb Rich Poultice Massage to hydrate and nourish the skin
*Enjoy facial and scalp massage while wrapped in a warm cocoon of blankets
*Finish with an invigorating and replenishing steam sauna treatment